Sullivan & Gold Feature In Chordblossoms Top 10 Albums Of 2013

NI Albums 2013 - #5 Sullivan And Gold 'For Foes'

The surprise package for many this year, but coming from Smalltown America’s roster we should have known better. Adam and Ben from Sullivan & Gold have masterfully crafted a beautiful, if melancholic, concept album. What proves to be so engaging about this record is that no two songs sound alike. Dreamy pop is the order of the day in “Jigsaws” and “Don’t Stand in Line” while “Please Repeat” floats upon acapella.

Intelligent lyrics, characters & relatable tales ensure this is an album of supreme quality. The simple piano opening flows right through the track and is fleshed out with brief strokes of additional instrumentation, leaving plenty of room for the intelligent lyrics to shine.

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