STA Autumn-Winter Collection 2008

Loads and loads and loads of new music!

Just in case you thought we've only been eating Jaffa Cakes and watching America's Next Top Model CSI The Young Playthings for the last eight weeks because of the lack of site updates; here's the very latest from STA HQ:

Oppenheimer have completed work on their second album and simultaneously snared themselves a phenomenal three month US tour with They Might Be Giants!

The Young Playthings have completed work on two brand new songs "Maybe I'll Meet You When I'm Famous" and "View From A Balcony", which will be compiled as the download-only 'Hot Sex EP' - release date TBC. We've made a video too for "Hot Sex With A Girl I Love" - you'll be able to download that to your iPods/similar.

Public Service Broadcast 9 - will be available for purchase in November, expect a full stream up on the site over the next few days.

Clone Quartet's debut 'Well-Oiled Machine' will be out in December, a beautifully, hand-packaged disc - that comes in a wonderfully Factory-inspired rip and unfold box that cynically ensures you really need to buy two.

Fighting With Wire have signed on the dotted line and will drop long-awaited, debut record 'Man Vs Monster' via STA in January 2008. A headlining UK tour will precede the release in December. Unfortunately, we'll be hearing from lead singer Cahir in an STA Q &A session next week.

Jetplane Landing have re-issued their entire back catalogue digitally. Deleted b-sides and bonus tracks such as "Sleeps With The Light On" and "Sequel" are among the current best sellers; all tracks have been remastered in shiny 24-bit technology from the original wax cylinders.

Apologies regarding STA AD4; in the end despite everyone's best efforts, we couldn't make it happen - we've already begun organising a replacement event for next year. Bigger, better and other superlatives will all be present and correct. Again, really sorry - all ticket purchases have been refunded at point of sale.
Last, but certainly not least - you can hear a brief summary of what's to come and indeed, what has gone before - via this feature from our good friends at Queen's Radio in Belfast.

 >> Scene Around Six is the local music show of Queen's Radio - the student run radio station based out of Queens' University, Belfast. The show, now in its third year, focuses exclusively on local music coming out of Northern Ireland - which goes so far as to include interviews, features and mini-docs centered around every possible avenue of the scene, as well as new and exclusive tracks and live sessions from local artists. The show resumes after its summer hiatus on the 5th of October, exclusively on Queen's Radio >>