Space Year 2008

Top Albums and future plans from Daniel

I am currently sitting in my mother's kitchen. The cat is eating some kind of meat, it smells pretty bad. I am being very productive, possibly because I've either been ill or hungover for most of the last two weeks.

I was recently asked to contribute to a poll regarding my favourite album of the year. Below are my choices. I was told off for the Los Campesinos! choice, as it's not an album. Which it isn't. But I still want to include it, so I will here.

Be Your Own Pet - 'Get Awkward' (XL)
Blood Red Shoes - 'Box of Secrets' (Mercury)
Cadence Weapon - 'Afterparty Babies' (Big Dada)
Death Cab For Cutie - 'Narrow Stairs' (Atlantic)
Fuck Buttons - 'Street Horrrsing' (ATP)
Johnny Foreigner - 'Waited Up Till It Was Light' (Best Before)
Los Campesinos! - 'We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed' (Wichita)
Marnie Stern - 'This Is It And I Am It And You Are It And So Is That And He Is It And She Is It And It Is It And That Is That' (Kill Rock Stars)
Ponytail - 'Ice Cream Spiritual' (We*Are*Free)
Thank You - T'errible Two' (Thrill Jockey)

I'd rather people not look on this as a "best of the year" list, but as an "albums that make me grin like a loon" list.

My aims for next year include putting out a whole bunch of kickass records and putting on more shows. The latter has had a good kick start, as The Thermals are coming over again - we've got them on February 9th, at the Lexington. If you don't know the venue, it's on Pentonville Road about midway between Angel and King's Cross tubes. Rough Trade do a pop quiz there every Monday night, we came second a few weeks ago and won a round of shots and a bottle of wine. We drank the wine from the shot glasses, which is something I do not recommend you do at all.

A quarter of the tickets are already gone, if it doesn't sell out I'll be very surprised indeed. Happy days.

Goodbye, 2008 - you were fun.