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Glasswerk Review 'Breakfast In NYC'

'Songs that swoop down, pick you up and give you a huge metaphorical cuddle!'

Take one Studio Engineer, pair him up with a schoolteacher, lock them in a room to create Lo-Fi, electronic pop tunes, oh and name them after the guy who invented the atomic bomb and see what the results are. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Yes the Belfast duo “Oppenheimer” are releasing the single "Breakfast in NYC" on the record label “Small town America” due for released on the 17th April 2006. They have already played with big band names such as “Architecture in Helsinki”, “Regina Spektor” and “The Bravery”, not to mention their forthcoming gig at the South-by-South west festival, which is a hell of a lot for a band to have achieved since forming in 2004, which only goes to show their pedigree.

The tunes are warm and comforting pop songs that swoop down, pick you up and give you a huge metaphorical cuddle! Each track has a distinct happy go lucky feel to them with a precision use of electronic whirls and whizzes. If you can imagine the sentiment and happiness of “Belle and Sebastian” mixed with the electronic brilliance of “Depeche Mode” you are close to Understanding “Oppenheimer’s” sound. Definitely a band to check out.

- Mark Matthews, Glasswerk