Artrocker Reviews The Young Playthings Single "Love U Like That"

"Single of the year so far, no joke, no doubt"


The Young Playthings are causing a small revolution in London, writing positive, poetic anthems amidst a scene obsessed with knowing posturing, The Young Playthings wear shorts and blazers, smile throughout gigs and come across as some middle ground between Buddy Holly and Pavement.

"Love U Like That" is a collection of riffs that could get Thin Lizzy drooling and shatter Test Icicles' claim to be the mosh spinsters, their power-pop melodies (and guitar solos J Mascis would be proud of) carry this song to its buoyant, crunch guitar conclusion. This is the first unabashed summer feel-good song that isn't afraid to have clever lyrics amidst it's playful reverie.

The B-side "Tune" wins the prize for best B-Side ever just for the lyric "In the bathroom/The toiletries are few/And none of these pubes/Belong to you." It's a further demonstration of a band with an unmatched ability to observe life's little nuances and wedge them between your brain wrinkles with their impossibly infectious guitar music. With songs and guitar riffs more devestating than the XFM Top 20 combined, and a sleeve made of their own advertisment in a lonely-hearts column, this whole package reeks of single of the year so far, no joke, no doubt.

- Jonathan Falcone, Artrocker Issue 22


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