'The Young Playthings Were Exactly What Was Needed' -Mike Shaw

Singing in the rain

A famous philosopher once wrote, "Britain's weather is crap," and how right they were, as this years Keynestock Battle of the Bands once again fell foul of Ian McCaskill. This year though, it was a real shame. Everything was more impressive than in previous years, with ever-so-rock stacks of amps piled high at either side of the stage, and decent sounds engineers endeavouring to make even the most garbled of lyrics decipherable. Whether it was the professional assistance or not, the overall quality of the bands far surpassed those of previous years.

As the day drew on, and the people got drunker, the audience's need to dance increased. The Young Playthings were exactly what was needed. Effortlessly cool, with a comfortable stage presence, two excellent singers in Robert Batley and Warrick Harniess, and melodic pop tunes, The Young Playthings were the best band of the day.

- Mike Shaw, Unknown Source

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