I Really Love Music Review 'Breakfast In NYC'

Simon and Garfunkel for the wired generation

The press release for this EP declares 'for fans of Air and Joy Zipper'. well thats me won over straight away. this debut EP is gorgeous. Sweet delicate vocals backed by fat analogue synths (kinda like umm, Air !), and an easy vibe. Its warm and rich and will melt icecaps. second track, 'truth or dare', ups the groove a little, but still is a huggable 80's pop song basically. it makes the memory cells twitch violently, but i have yet to make the archive connection, so lets just say this is like some sugar coated late era Devo synth pop with a hook as big as a big hook should be. finally, 'getting by', the machines are held back for the acoustic finale. Simon and Garfunkel for the wired generation who want to have their heads soothed while the sun breaks through the grey skies.

This is a great ep, and totally recommended for fans of Air and Joy Zipper. Funny that.

- I Really Love Music, I Really Love Music