JPL's Jamie Talks To Rock UK Magazine

"My best childhood memory is seeing Evil Kneivel jump and crash at Wembley." - Jamie


How did you all come together to form Jetplane Landing?
Jamie: Me and Andrew used to be in a band called Cuckoo, when they got dropped from Geffen we just kind of started writing songs together, then we decided to record them, we asked my brother Raife to play drums on them - this would become our album 'Zero For Conduct'. We recorded it ourselves in my parent's garage. Then we thought we will have to play some gigs so we asked Raife to play the gigs, we booked a tour and off we went. We played three tours as a three piece but always wanted another guitarist so we asked our good friend Cahir if he'd help us out, he's been playing with us ever since and we are all the better for it.
Which band or bands have you most enjoyed playing with on tour?
Oh loads, we have met loads of great bands out on the road, some of them you would have heard of and some of them not, some of my favourites are - And None Of Them New They Were Robots, Dustball, The Once Over Twice, Panda Love Unit, Fixitkid, Oh god..... too many to mention, really all great bands that should be on the radio.
What is it like playing to larger and larger crowds, with fans coming from all over the place?
Great.... very touching - when somebody travels miles to see us, it amazes us, people getting trains, buses, ferries - all we need is the planes and automobiles and its John Candy time.
What was it like playing at Reading in the summer?
One of the great days of my life, it felt like we had come so far since our first gig a year and a half before.
Do you ever get nervous before playing a big gig and if so how do you deal with it?
I suppose I do, but not too bad, I just get a bit tense that's all. How do I deal with it? just go mad as soon as we start playing and it shakes all that tension away- ahhhhhh. The most nervous I have ever been was when we played with Ash at The Astoria, we all stood at the back of this huge stage, looking out at this huge venue, we had only been playing as a band for about 7 months, we all looked at each other, there was a man from the BBC with headphones on who said something like 'are the tapes rolling? - the tapes are rolling, okay you can go!', it was like being sent on stage by NASA, we all just ran on to silence, I picked up my bass and we started.
Have there ever been any funny things happen on tour? If so, what were they?
Loads, on the Seafood tour Raife and Cahir got so drunk that they ran out of the bus with their underpants on, Raife got looked in a cage, (some sort of laundry thing from Manchester University) Cahir ran at the cage and pushed it over cracking one of Raife's ribs, Dave from Seafood has a video of this but he keeps it under lock and key so that people can never see him having fun and spoil his moody indie image. It's our own little Jackass film.
What do you enjoy doing to relax?
Not much really, that question makes me realise I have no life outside of the band.
What is your favourite CD at the moment?
The Once Over Twice, 'Strikes and Gutters EP'.
What are your main music influences?
Fugazi, Rage Against The Machine, Thin Lizzy and loads of singer songwriter stuff too.
Where do you get your inspiration for lyrics, and does the music just flow?
Lyrics come from your life and music comes from your finger tips. An answer Sting would be proud of.
What will be the next release now you have 'Zero for Conduct' and 'Els Quatre Gats' under your belts?
A new album next year, we are deep in the writing process right now, loads of new idea's, can't wait, I've never looked forward to recording so much in my life. 
If you could work with any artist who would it be?


Bob Dylan, I had a dream I met him last night in a casino, I was too shy to talk to him much, he seemed shy too, I think we could get on.
Pepsi or Coke?
Neither, I do drink them but I never know why, it comes from that moment when you go up to a bar and you know that you shouldn't get drunk, I have never been able to find a good soft drink, fruit juices in pubs are shitty little bottles, tea or coffees too hot, water is bland, so I just say in a kind of knee jerk reaction 'coke please' ahhhhh. (that last answer should be read in the voice of Nigel Tufnell from Spinal Tap).
How long have you been interested in music?
I have always liked listening to music, there's embarrassing pictures of me at the age of four with a plastic guitar from a catalogue.
What's your best childhood memory?
Seeing Evil Kneivel jump and crash at Wembley Stadium, again I was about 4.
How old were you when you wrote your first song?
I think I was about 13, it was called 'Lonely Girl' - it was shit.
- Unknown, Rock UK