Rolling Stone Magazine (Aus) Give Die!DieDie! 'Harmory' 4 Stars

"...A muscular mix of rock aggression and pop smarts."

4 Stars

Kiwis hone their brand of noise-punk to a sharpe edge.

Since forming in 2003, this Dune-din noise-punk trio has gonefrom strenght to strength. Their last album, 'Form' - released in 2010 on Flying Nun Records - was a muscular mix of rock aggression and pop smarts. Die! Die! Die!'s forth LP, 'Harmony', is yet another leap forward, and thier finest work yet. The formula is simple - guitar, bass, drums and vocals - yert these three continue to make thrilling new breakthroughs. Their career represents an ongoing tug-of-war between noise and melody, and on 'Harmony' they excel once again: a pair of slower, melancholy tracks contrasts well against the gripping flurry and bluster of the remaining eith songs. Highly recommended.

Andrew McMillen

Key Tracks: "Erase Waves", "Seasons Revenge"

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