RobMoro Features Sullivan & Gold Live Video 'Nobody Loves You'

RobMoro features the live video for Sullivan & Gold's 'Nobody Loves You'

Sullivan & Gold took a moment in Coleraine’s The Stables Flower Co. for this rendition of the Reuben classic ‘Nobody Loves You’, filmed and directed by PIGMINTFILM.
Ticket Treasure Hunt
Tickets for the band’s show in Flowerfield Arts Centre on 4 April will be bundled in a bunch of flowers and left in an undisclosed location this Saturday in Coleraine town centre for a lucky stranger to pick up and enjoy.
Fans can also buy a Sullivan & Gold T-Shirt (Deep Teal or Maroon) and receive a free single from the band too.
*Smalltown America would like to thanks Bo and Jil Peterson for this lovely prize and also for participating in the video.

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