Rhythm & Booze On 'Floating Omen'

'Consciousness expanding, hard-psych three-piece from Brighton, England. For fans of Oneida, Ex Models and Can.'


Negative Pegasus' sound is a world away from their sunny, seaside home in Southern England. Richard Netley (Guitar/Vocals), Todd Jordan (Guitar/Vocals) and Carla Foss (Drums) mix droning, grinding loops with wild, sheets of guitar feedback to create a malevolent stew of hard-psyche and woozy, drone-garage.
Born from a mutual love of the consciousness expanding New York repetition-rock of Oneida, the free-time whirl of Sightings, the shamanistic stomp of Knyfe Hyts and the joint-snapping mathematics of KILLL and Zu, the Neg Peg sound consists of sheets of guitar feedback floating above primal, pounding drums. The repetitive rhythms are overlaid with ghostly vocals, and the whole mix is drenched in a thick, choking haze of effects. This is the sound of Negative Peagasus and their new single ‘Floating Omen’
Released on 25th June through Smalltown AmericaFloating Omen’ is the first of 3 singles to be taken from their debut album 'LOOMING'. A record which weaves between primordial bone-shakers, stretched-out growls and ethereal retro-pop nuggets. Recorded over a period of 17 hours in an empty warehouse space in Sussex with producer Steffan Eliades, the end-result is equally joyous and disturbing. “Steffan is really inventive”, explains Todd, “he has a wonderful mind for perverting electronics and turning broken musical gear into awesome, evil, undead versions of their previous selves. He fits right in!”
Upcoming Shows
June 12th – Green Door Store, Brighton supporting Moon Duo
June 30th – Fitzherberts, Brighton w/ Soccer96, Plague Sermon, Munich

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