Record Of The Week - Oppenheimer

We are delighted to announce that Oppenheimer 'Oppenheimer' has been selected as our record of the week.

Oppenheimer were from Belfast, Northern Ireland. The band was made up of musicians Shaun Robinson and Rocky O'Reilly.

The group's self-titled debut album was released in the UK in March 2007 after previous releases in America, Australia and Japan. The album includes a cover of 'Don't Call Me' by Belfast songwriter Tom McShane.

Their first single from the album, a double A-side 7" featuring tracks "Breakfast In NYC", "Truth Or Dare" and B-side "Getting By", was released in April 2006. Watch the video for "Breakfast in NYC" below:

Where are they now? I briefly caught up with Rocky to find out.

What have you been getting up to the the past year?

In the past twelve months I have produced or mixed recordings for And So I Watch You From Afar, Axis Of, Fighting With Wire, General Fiasco, Slomatics, Empty Lungs, Wonder Villains, BeeMickSee, Carnival Kids, Antlered Man, Gum Takes Tooth and Math The Band. 

I've also made a return to writing & recording my own music, which has been really exciting! 
Tell us a bit about your current projects. Any new music?
I've almost finished an album with my new band Malibu Shark Attack. It's myself & a rapper called Tribe One, from Atlanta, GA. We have loads of guests on the album, which has been really exciting! I'm delighted with it. We've released one single, which sold out quickly! 
Our album will be released this summer. Tribe One is heading out on a two month US tour, playing songs from the album. There's plans to tour UK/Europe later in the year. 
What do you get up to every day?
I spend almost every day of my life in the studio! I run Start Together in Belfast. So I'll either be there or travelling to work with bands, going to festivals to see them or sitting in the rain listening to their mixes. 
On top of that running a studio involves paying the bills, doing the books, cleaning & maintenance, 
scheduling and planning. 
We have also started a small-run Singles label this year, so we've been learning the
in-depth pain & joy that Small Town America has been going through for so long!!! 
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