Record Of The Week - 4 Or 5 Magicians

We are delighted to announce that 4 Or 5 Magicians 'Empty, Derivative Pop Songs' has been selected as our record of the week.

We caught up with Dan from 4 Or 5 Magicians to see what the band are getting up to now!

I can't believe it has been more than three and a half years since 'Empty, Derivative Pop Songs' was released on Smalltown America.  So it is almost unfathomable that it was nearly eight years ago my friend Jon (original Magicians bass player) lent me his 8-track recorder and told me to write some songs.  From that month or so of writing in a perma-drunk student haze, I (almost literally) spewed out tracks that would later appear on the record like "Your Fictitious Character", "Form An Orderly Queue" and "Behind Each Others Backs".
So how does life differ for me now as a been-there-sort-of-done-that 29 year old to that of the naive, hopeful 21 year old back then?
Well not really at all different.  I am still playing Football Manager all day every day, but now I am getting paid for it as an employee of the studio that makes the game, Sports Interactive.  In fact, I have just been given a month's leave to collate some demos - 14 songs have been written slowly and (relatively) carefully over the past three years - so I should have a new band up and running very soon.  It has been too long, I have missed the buzz of performing my own material.
Since the band split up in October 2010, me and Sam (who played the majority of bass and lead guitar on the album) have been putting on just-for-fun shows at The Windmill in Brixton where we form one off cover bands with various musical friends to perform classic indie albums.  We're just about to do a show featuring bands from 1998 where we're doing Neutral Milk Hotel and Queens Of The Stone Age.  We recently did another where we played over 125 Guided By Voices songs, including a set with actor Paddy Considine (video below).  So we've been keeping on our toes performance wise!

My own stuff is what I really want to be doing though, and by the time summer is in full swing (if we're lucky enough to get one this year!) I'm confident I'll be back out there, playing any of the old haunts that are still open, with a new name and new band.  Look out for this, it won't sound a million miles away from the 4 or 5 Magicians record - I just sing a bit less like Taylor Hanson and a bit more like Rod Stewart now.  Hey - maybe you'll even see us supporting rock juggernauts Jetplane Landing on their long awaited tour (if we're good enough)!  
Thanks to anyone who has bought 'Empty, Derivative Pop Songs', or is now going to buy it as a result of reading about it here.  And thanks again to Smalltown America for making it an actual physical thing for us - sorted out my christmas presents in 2009 at least.  We thought it was a decent record for a bunch of broke, underrehearsed slackers, so did the label and a load of journos and DJs and media types, and even a few members of the music loving public.  I'm still getting people now telling me they have just heard us and love the album - always a nice surprise.  Hopefully you won't be disappointed with your purchase either!
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