Record Of The Week - Feldberg

We are delighted to announce that Feldberg's 'Don't Be A Stranger' has been selected as our record of the week.

The duo’s singles ‘Don’t Be a Stranger’ and ‘Dreamin’ have turned heads both at home and abroad. ‘Dreamin’ won Best Song at the 2010 Icelandic Music Awards and was selected by trendsetting French boutique label Kitsuné for its Maison 9 compilation, while ‘Don’t Be a Stranger’ spent four weeks in the Icelandic top 10. ‘Don’t Be a Stranger’ was released on our fair shores on 28th February, 2011 followed by the duo's debut album which was released on 11th April, 2011.

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Irish Daily Star - 'Rosa's lounge-style vocals combined with Einar's swirling electronics and gently plucked guitars make for a masterful chillout opus.'
So...What have the duo been up to in the past year?
Rosa had a son...who is very cool. The duo have not been playing live for the last year but they have been busy recording and demoing tracks for their next album. Here is a sneak preview of one of the songs that will feature on the album - it was used for an bank-ad in Iceland:

Einar has been doing a soundtrack for a popular sitcom here in Iceland called "Hæ Gosi" - It´s on the 3rd series. He is also working on his 4th solo album as 'Eberg',  as well as working on the new feldberg album. Einar got married earlier this year and has been working hard on extending his little idyllic country house with his wife Rakel  (cover pic).
And yes, in June Einar also graduate as a geologist from the University of Iceland!...Why not!