Corporate Anthems Review 'Backlash Cop'

'The rapid fire vocalled grab-you-by-the-throat'

in the meantime we can't tell you how stoked we are about the imminent third album from London-via-Derry post-hardcore standard bearers Jetplane Landing. It's called 'Backlash Cop', it's out on June 4th on their own cottage industry Smalltown America, and they're circulating a preview track from it that betrays what is apparently a noticeable extra funk element on the album (cowbell! Yes!), although for the most part it still sounds like rapidfire vocalled grab-you-by-the-throat, which is fine by us:

One of our live highlights of 2006 was seeing their incendiary first UK gig in about eighteen months at Truck Festival, and you feel that with prevailing fashions this could finally be their moment, even with an album track called 'Why Do They Never Play Les Savy Fav On The Radio?' Here's a couple of old favourites...

- Simon, Corporate Anthems