Limerick Independent Quickfire Q&A With ASIWYFA's Tony Wright

"Heaven is in rehearsals, getting a new tune together" - Tony


Tony Wright is guitarist with instrumental Belfast juggernaut And So I Watch You From Afar. The four-piece release their double A side single "Set Guitars To Kill" and "A Little Solidarity Goes A Long Way" on April 6 through Smalltown America Records. One of the most hotly tipped bands of the moment they stop off in Baker Place for a gig on Thursday April 30.
1. What is your motto??
Write. Record. Tour. Write. Record. Tour.?
2. Do you have a nickname??
Not one that I know of! Rory, on the other hand, has several thousand.?
3. Where do you see yourself in ten years time??
Over there, in a sharp suit.?
4. What is heaven to you??
In rehearsals, getting a new tune together. Nothing beats that feeling when everything is falling into place.?
5. What is hell to you??
When amps blow up onstage, that’s no fun at all. Worse is when you’ve let some one else use it and you see a plume of smoke from the back of it. I really love my amp! It’s an old JCM800 with a home built 4X12 cab. Sorry you probably have no idea what I’m babbling about.?

6. What would your dying words be??
This is a bit dark, isn’t it??

7. What is your favourite method of relaxation??
Um... I’d have to go for the obvious here and say... sleep.?

8. What is your favourite food/drink/stimulant??
I’m easily enough pleased, a good pizza will never fail to shut me up for a few minutes. Anything cold to drink. As for my favourite stimulant... music. I’m a freak.?

9. What makes you tick??
I’m sorry, you probably didn’t expect such a narrow-minded person, but again... music!?

10. What is your favourite album of all time??
The one I hold dearest to my heart has to be, our debut album! All of us have waited our entire lives to do it so it’s incredibly close to our hearts.?

11. Who is your favourite musician or band??
He wasn’t the greatest guitarist but he was certainly the coolest, Mr Joe Strummer. My favourite bands would be a close call between The Clash and Fugazi, so visceral and powerful. I could listen to them all day.?

12. What is your favourite movie of all time??
This changes periodically but ‘The Big Lebowski’ and ‘Ghostbusters’ usually hang about the top.?

13. What is the last DVD you bought or rented??‘
'The Big Ghostbustin’ Lebowski’
. Wasn’t as good as I’d built up in my head.?

14. What is the last book you read??
‘World War Z’ by Max Brooks, I’m not generally a big fan of fiction but it’s utterly amazing. I wholeheartedly recommend you finish reading this interview and go read it. NOW!?

15. What is your favourite television programme??
I don’t really watch too much television, unless there’s a documentary on about just about anything. At a push I’d probably go with ‘QI’ with Stephen Fry.?

16. What celebrity would you most like to hang out with??
Unfortunately most of them are dead! Joe Strummer would top the list and as much as I’d like to hang out with Ian Makaye (Fugazi), you’re never supposed to meet your heroes are you??

17. What annoys you??
Ignorance. People who think what’s happening in the world has no bearing on them. Open your eyes. Stand up for yourself and the other people on this planet. We’re all in it together. For better or worse. Lets make the best out of what we’ve got.?

18. Where in the world would you most like to visit??
I’ve always wanted to check out Russia, and Japan! Our album came out in Japan recently and we got an email through with all these photos of cardboard cut outs of us in Osaka HMV and Tower Records, hopefully we’ll be over to replace them with the real thing soon!?

19. What animal would you like to return as in another life?
A Liger, you know those freakish lion/tiger half-breeds? They are huge.?

20. What do you like best about Limerick??
The people. Always, the people.?

21. What do you like best about yourself?
I can do a mean impression of Ewan McGregor, its uncanny.?

22. Who would your dream date be??
Natalie Portman. She’s a smart, talented gal.?

23. What would you do if you won the lottery??
Take Natalie Portman out for dinner and bungee jumping. Maybe not in that order.?

24. Do you have any hidden talents??
Unfortunately not, what you see is what you get. ?

25. What’s your immediate plan for the future??
I might as well finish this how I started...Write. Record. Tour. Write. Record. Tour.
- Alan Jacques, Limerick Independent