Pulverising, Chomping-At-the-Bit UK Rock

Stamina or delusion, you decide. This is show 28 out of 57 on the UK toilet venue tour to end 'em all.

Not afraid of a bit of hard graft on this extremely lengthy nationwide excursion to promote second album 'Once Like A Spark', Jetplane Landing come from the same stable as a number of Brit-rock hopefuls before them (Reuben, This Girl etc). They do no nonsense, head-down, spitting, sweaty punk-rock. Is it emo? It's certainly damn loud.

"My Father’s Hands" and "We Need To Effect A Change" display a nice line in the old staccato verse/ heart-on-sleeve chorus framework, but the band themselves don't seem to be under any illusions as to the freshness of their sound. Indeed, this evening's standout "This Is Not Revolution Rock" features vocalist Andrew Ferris bellowing the telling lines, 'This is not revolution rock you hear/It's something much less complex’.

And they’re true enough: but sheer desire, enthusiasm and an admirable work-ethic could well be sufficient to see Jetplane Landing make the next step up.

- Matt Tomiak, Rock Feedback