Public Service Broadcast: United Fruit

With the tenth installment of Public Service Broadcast on its way, we are featuring one new band each week, for the next ten weeks.


The next band featured on Public Service Broadcast 10 is United Fruit.

From Glasgow, United Fruit formed in 2008 when four guys gelled through a mutual love of Shellac and Mudhoney. Since that day they have taken the traditional format of guitars, bass and drums in a thunderous direction!

To date, United Fruit have also supported numerous contemporary greats on tour including Maps & Atlases, Die! Die! Die!, Future Of The Left, Monotonix and Desalvo.



We caught up with Marko from the band and asked him a few questions.


Introduce the band...

We are United Fruit from Glasgow, Scotland and we have been playing filthy alt rock around the UK for the past 3 years.


Describe the United Fruit sound in no more or no less than 6 words.

Dirty, Nasty, Euphoric, Raucous, Sexy , Rock


Do you install toilet paper so that you pull from the top or the bottom of the roll?

Bottom. People who take from the top ain't right in the head...


If you were to pick any town/city in the UK to perform in where would it be?

We like visiting smaller cities as we feel they appreciate it a lot more than the major ones. Somewhere secluded like the Channel Islands would be awesome I'll bet! Guernsey... Although we've heard there is a killer music scene in Belfast!


Who is your favourite band at the moment?

Well if you're counting local acts, we would say Citizens from Glasgow, as they are pretty amazing. We are digging bands like Young Legionnaires, Spectres, Daughters, Young Widows, Mew and many more. New bands come everyday! As well as new favourites!


PSB Featured Song: 'Three'


'Three' In A Tweet: Discordant yet incredibly catchy noise.


Why this song?

United Fruit's debut record 'Fault lines' is truly faultless. 'Three' is a stand out track right slap bang in the middle of a pretty immaculate record, full to the brim of catchy low-fi brilliance.


For Fans Of.. And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead , McClusky, 'Early' Snow Patrol, Arcade Fire.