Public Service Broadcast: Our Krypton Son

With the tenth installment of Public Service Broadcast on its way, we are featuring one new band each week, for the next ten weeks.


From Derry in Northern Ireland Our Krypton Son is the alter ego of Chris McConaghy. Having played in various bands in the past including psychedelic pop outfit Red Organ Serpent Sound, Chris decided to unleash his own brand of eclectic pop in 2007. Since then Our Krypton Son has taken the form of a band, allowing Chris to fully explore the depths of song writing. With the debut record due for release in September, titled simply 'Our Krypton Son' draws comparisons with Elvis Costello, Richard Hawley, Brian Wilson and Nick Drake.



We caught up with Chris and asked him a few questions...


1.Introduce yourself..

Hello. My name's Christopher. I play the guitar and piano. And sing. I write 

songs under the pseudonym 'Our Krypton Son'. I also have an 'Our Krypton Son' 

tribute band on the side to make a few bob so my children can eat.

2.Describe your sound in 6 words.

Not precisely determined, determinable or established 

3.What are your hopes for the near future?

To release our debut album to almost universal acclaim, shake the record industry to its foundations and make a few bob so our children can eat.

4.Its the 3rd round on Deal or No Deal, you have taken out all the reds apart from 

£250,000. Your offer is £8,000 do you Deal? Or go to the death and live in the 

moment in the 'Dream Factory'?


Go to the death. Absolutely.

5.Who is your favourite band at the moment?

The The, Nilsson, Rowland S Howard



PSB Featured Song: 'Sunlight In The Ashes'


'Sunlight In The Ashes' In A Tweet: psychedelic dream pop


Why this song?

It doesn't need much explaining, this song is just gorgeous.


For Fans Of.. Jose Gonzales, The Cinematic Orchestra, Nick Drake. Stanley Kubrick.