Public Service Broadcast Club #2 - This weekend!

Public Service Broadcast Club 2 takes place this weekend, on Saturday April 19th

Sam 4 or 5 Magicians As some of you may remember, the inaugural Public Service Broadcast Club back in January was something of a success. So much so, we've decided to do it all again!

Public Service Broadcast Club 2 takes place this weekend, on Saturday April 19th, again in co-operation with the fine people at On Fire, The Notting Hill Arts Club and Rough Trade's RoTa series. This time, the following wonderful musical combos will be gracing the stage:

4 or 5 Magicians (stagetime: 7:00pm)
Brighton's kings of hardworking slack rock. Shades of Pavement, GBV and Dinosaur Jr, except if they were gobby, opinionated  and from south London. Fuzz drenched  anthems-in-waiting, and recently seen on tour with Los Campesinos! of all people. New 7" 'Change The Record' out April 21st on This Is Fake DIY Records!

Load.Click.Shoot! (stagetime: 6:15pm)
Angular disco colours and kaleidoscopic rhythms, coming all the way from the wilds of Devon. Bundles of fun, but what less could you expect from a band with a song called "Le Disco Avec Moi"? Forthcoming 7" on Oxford's finest DIY label, Vacouous Pop.

Tessalators (stagetime: 5:30pm)
Based in London and with a shared love of Built To Spill, Captain Beefheart, Battles, The Band and Fugazi, all of which come across in their kickin' live sound. Lofty plans for the future involve release three EPs in a year, one detailing adventure, another concerning the sea, and one about the city. All four members of Tesselators used to be in The Hundred Handed, who longterm STA fans may remember from a couple of early Public Service Broadcasts.

Jam on Bread (stagetime: 4:45pm)
Jam On Bread is the leading proponent of the aquatic uke-pop scene of  Manchester. Indie pop that brings to mind the joy of Animal Collective and fragility of The Radio Dept., Sambassadeur and a whole load of Swedish bands that only total indie pop nerds will have heard of. Indie pop nerds like Daniel STA.

The action takes place from 4pm at the Notting Hill Arts Club in west London, and entry is totally free. Come say hi!

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