PSB Introducing: Blacklisters

With the tenth installment of Public Service Broadcast on its way, we are featuring one new band each week, for the next ten weeks. First up Leeds nu-core quartet Blacklisters.

Meet Blacklisters from Leeds. Forming in 2008 the band immediately earned the reputation as a formidable live act. Their aggressive, confrontational performances secured them tour support with fellow Leeds feisty rockers Pulled Apart By Horses and Kong. In 2009, their critically acclaimed 7” 'Swords' was released on Best Enemies Records. The bands next recorded incarnation 'Belt Party EP' was released in 2010 on Childhood Sweetheart Records. The band rounded off last year by recording a new track with Ross Halden (Chickenhawk/Forward Russia) available on a 10" split between Brew and Dance to the Radio.

Blacklisters have finished recording their debut album due for release early 2012.

We had our good friend Tom from ILIKEPRESS catch up with the guys and ask them a few questions to help you get to know them better. It also features some sick live footage!


PSB Featured Song: King Prick

'King Prick' In a tweet: riotous two-fisted hardcore rock

Why this song?

From the very first chord to the very last fervent scream and every kick-ass drum beat in between, 'King Prick' is the kind of intense tunage that makes chewing on some barbed wire seem like child's play. This song is truly KILLER!

For Fans Of: Pulled Apart By Horses, Deftones, Glassjaw, Kong.

More Information: Facebook | Bandcamp