Public Service Broadcast: Battle For Paris

With the tenth installment of Public Service Broadcast on its way, we are featuring one new band each week, for the next ten weeks.


Meet Battle For Paris. They make hardcore music combining duelling guitars with complex rhythms and throat-lacerating vocals. The five piece are based in London where there ferocious live performances are going down a treat! The band’s debut EP, “With A Gun Between Your Teeth, You Speak Only In Vowels” was released through Tangled Talk Records in 2009 to critical acclaim. With numerous UK tours under their belt last year they embarked on a tour of mainland Europe with run, WALK! (Holy Roar Records). Their debut album ‘Superstar’, due to be released later this year is sure to be absolutely killer!


We sent the band a few questions to answer, to help you get to know them a little better. Battle For Paris took it upon themselves to approach answering them in a slightly unorthodox way! Have a look...



PSB Featured Song: 'He-Man Womun Haters Club'


'He- Man Womun Haters Club' In A Tweet: 2mins 36secs of raw energy


Why this song?

He-Man Womun Haters Club is beautifully fierce. Its expertly crafted and oozes raw energy. We love how it sounds just like five guys rocking extremely hard united in one room!


For Fans Of.. The Flaming Tsunamis', Kong, Pulled Apart By Horses.