Public Service Broadcast 10 Out Now

The tenth and final installment in our Public Service Broadcast compilation series is out now.

Today is the day 'Public Service Broadcast 10' is released and available to purchase now. We have Limited edition stock with a beautiful spot UV matt varnished reverse board finish and clear vinyl.

Featuring tracks from United Fruit, Blacklisters, Event Horses, Rams' Pocket Radio, Daily Life, VVOLVES, Our Krypton Son, General Fiasco, Battle For Paris and Mnemotechnic.

To mark this special occasion, with every order of 'PSB10' we will through in an awesome bonus disc including some exclusive never been released material. Check it out:

1. Let Our Enemies Beware | Who Wants To Ride The Gay Horse?
2. Feldberg | Sparkle
3. And So I Watch You From Afar | Straight Through The Sun (Live in Germany 2010)
4. Jetplane Landing | Falling For You (demo)
5. More Than Conquerors | Swords & Bones Demo
6. Fighting With Wire | Tracing The Lines
7. Oppenheimer | Single Syllable Colours
8. Calories | You Could Be Honest Demo
9. LaFaro | Chopper Is A Fuckin' Tout (Live @ Glasgowbury 2011)

Head on over to Independent Music to get your hands on one (or two... its nearly Christmas) now!