Public Service Broadcast: Mnemotechnic

With the tenth installment of Public Service Broadcast on its way, we are featuring one new band each week, for the next ten weeks.

Bonjour MnemotechnicFrom Brest in France. Started in 2009 when four musicians got together to create a strong and singular rock identity. Mnemotechnic's rock is straight: on stage, eye to eye with the audience, in the heat, in the distortion, through a piercing high voice, they're delivering a true energy, an electric storm.




PSB Featured Song: 'Shallow Goals'


'Shallow Goals' In A Tweet: Filthy sexy party music.


Why this song?

In their own (paraphrased) words: 'Imagine the sincere anger, noisiness and punk rock of At The Drive In, Refused and Nirvana blended together with the dancy coolness of Foals, The Rapture or Bloc Party.' With a description like this... we'd be insane not to love it!


For Fans Of.. Soulwax, Death From Above 1979, Bloc Party, Not Squares.