Public Service Blogcast Episode 59

Cutaways use two boys, one girl, two synths, one guitar, a drum kit and bags full of hooks and melodies to make their jagged and boisterous pop music. 2009 saw the NME hailing the Belfast trio as "your new favourite band" and Ireland's Hot Press and AU magazines both name Cutaways as one of the bands to watch. In March the band made their first TV appearance on ITV1’s 'Live at The Limelight' while the summer saw them play a number of key festivals including headlining Belfast Pride and also taking in Indie Week Ireland, Glasgowbury and Feile Festival.

Paul, Grace and Ryan take a break from recording album #2 - lierally as you will hear - to takeover this blogcast. Belfast residents take note of the Cutaways Xmas Party! Xposure @ Auntie Annies on December 16th!

Public Service Blogcast Episode 59
31 minutes 7 seconds
Recorded 16/11/09
00.01 Cutaways - "Lovers Are Lunatics" (from 'Earth And Earthly Things' album - self-released)
03.57 Robotnik - "I Found Jesus In The Year 2027" (from 'Pleasant Sqaure' album - self released)
08.05 Cutaways - "I Spilled Your Drink So You Broke My Heart" (from 'Earth And Earthly Things' album - self-released)
10.50 Dirty Projectors - "Stillness Is the Move" (from 'Bitte Orca' album - Domino Records)
16.33 Before Machines - "We Were Stayed"
20.30 The Benjamins - "Love Like Fire"
23.57 Oppenheimer - "Take the Whole Midrange and Boost It" (from 'Take The Whole Midrange And Boost It' - Bar/None Records)
27.29 Cutaways - "A Better Paul" (from 'Earth And Earthly Things' album - self-released)

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