Public Service Blogcast Episode 57

Ryan and Stephen aka Coventry's Tough Love Records - home to William, Dead!Dead!Dead!, the first label to release The Twilight Sad and purveyors of many a fine split single the most recent of which showcases Male Bonding and Eat Skull - present an entertaining takeover taking a goth-slash-tropical bent and including new finds (and probable future big-deals) Becoming Real and Spectrals.

Public Service Blogcast Episode 57
46 minutes 38 seconds
Recorded 20/10/09
00.48 Graffiti Island - "Headhunters" (from 'Sisters' EP - Sister Phunk)
04.25 Japandroids - "Wet Hair" (from 'Post-Nothing' album - Polyvinyl)
09.38 Tap Tap - "Queen Of Hearts" (from 'On My Way' album - Stolen Recordings)
14.36 Becoming Real - "Let The Right One In"
20.50 Gold Panda - "Like Totally" (from 'Phatom Channel Presents...Part 2' album)
24.39 Spectrals - "Don't Mind"
29.37 A Grave With No Name - "And We Parted Ways At Mt Jade" (from 'Mountain Debris' album – No Pain In Pop)
35.42 The Twilight Sad - "I Became A Prostitute" (from 'Forget The Night Ahead' album - Fat Cat)
44.08 Fair Ohs - "Almost Island" (from Sex Is Disgusting split vinyl - Tough Love Records)

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