Public Service Blogcast Episode 52

A year to the week (pretty much) the series launched, here's the 52nd and final submissions-based Public Service Blogcast and we go out with bangs from Gaggle, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Sucioperro plus tracks from 2 of the bands playing the next STA London show - The Terrordactyls and Superman Revenge Squad play live on Saturday at London's Wilmington Arms, doors at 8pm. Scroll down for the poster.

The blogcast's been both fun (the buzz from stumbling across a genuinely great mp3 from an undiscovered band that unceremoniously appears in the inbox) and a huge ball-ache (anyone who's tried to upload a video file to Blogger will understand what a RAM gobbling chore it is). Thanks to all the bands that agreed to have their song played and to everyone who got in touch to say nice things.

The occasional guest blogcast takeovers will continue and October will see the launch of the downloadable monthly STA Public Service Podcast - you'll get to hear it first right here.

Public Service Blogcast Episode 52
43 minutes 34 seconds
Recorded 07/09/09
00.01 Bygones - "Fool Evolved" (from 'By' - album – Sargent House)
05.13 Gaggle - "Hidden Army"
09.22 Superman Revenge Squad - "Captain Non-entity" (from 'This Is My Own Personal Way Of Dealing With It All' album - self-released)
12.15 The Terrordactyls - "Zombie Girl" (from self-titled album - Don't Stop Believin' Records)
14.17 Ethical Debating Society - "Hobson's Choice"
16.46 Elk - "Lightheavyweight" (from 'We Should Start Our Own Gang' - self-released)
19.14 Something Beginning With L - "Say" (from 'Beautiful Ground' single - Drift Records)
22.50 Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - "Bournemouth" (from 'All In One Sixty Dancehalls' EP - Greco Roman)
27.12 Prince Harry - "My Hands"
31.44 Sucioperro - "Dissident Code" (from 'Dissident' Code EP - Xtra Mile Recordings)
35.33 Le Reno Amps - "The Stand Off" (from 'Tear It Open' album - Drift Records)
39.52 Reuben - "Blitzkrieg" (from 'We Should Have Gone To University' double album - Xtra Mile Recordings)

If you have any suggestions for future takeovers or want to submit your demo for our forthcoming podcast series, get in touch - email