Public Service Blogcast Episode 49

The penultimate submissions show before the series goes out with a triple whammy of a This Ain't No Picnic Derry preview from Andrew due online later today, the long-awaited - and probably controversial - Let Our Enemies Beware takeover ahead of next month's debut album and the final bumper non-takeover blogcast Episode 52 with a stupid amount of songs that upon uploading will probably tip Google's server over.

Public Service Blogcast Episode 49
34 minutes 53 seconds
Recorded 26/08/09
00.01 Just Handshakes We're British - "Paper Cranes" (from 'Paper Cranes / Talking Picture' Double A side – self-released)
04.15 Action Force - "Bored Of Being"
07.27 Ran - "Nebauchadnezzer" (from self-titled mini-album - Neck Deep Records)
11.52 Bomb The Music Industry! - "9/11 Fever!!!" (from 'Scrambles' album - Quote Unquote Records)
13.23 Alice{Musics} - "The Handkerchief Drill"
15.42 The B Of The Bang - "Lung" (from 'Beginning. Middle. End' album - self-released)
20.19 Elephants - "Alexander" (from 'Lions 'EP - Vacuous Pop)
23.09 Green Man Says Go - "Burning Owls"
26.12 Itch - "Here Comes The Cavalry" (from 'An Illusion Of Grandeur From A One Trick Pony' album - Tip Toe Records)
30.29 These Waves - "Lights Out" (from 'Painting By Units' EP - self-released)

If you have any suggestions for future takeovers or want to submit your demo for our forthcoming podcast series, get in touch - email