Public Service Blogcast Episode 44

Ahead of this weekend's marathon of bands playing the 4 Or 5 Magicians curated Our Band Could BBQ Your Life at the Brixton Windmill, all paying tribute to the influential 80s American underground pioneers documented in Michael Azzerad's must-read Our Band Could Be Your Life, Dan Ormsby presents a selection of tracks from both coverers and coverees.

There are a few tickets left, grab them here.

Public Service Blogcast Episode 44
38 minutes 34 seconds
Recorded 04/08/09
01.07 Wonderswan - "Cut It"
04.11 The Muscle Club - "Be Glad You're Neurotic" (from 'Fragmented Ideas From Young Lungs' album - Small Town Records)
07.26 Everyone To The Anderson - "Harpoon Flesh Wound" (from 'Doodlebug' EP - Toy Soldier Records)
12.29 Ice, Sea, Dead People - "My Twin Brother's A Brother" (from forthcoming 'Teeth Union' album - Smalltown America)
15.44 Winnebago Deal - "Manhunt" (from 'Plato O Plomo' album - Fierce Panda)
20.19 Black Flag - "TV Party" (from 'Damaged' album - SST Records)
24.40 The Replacements - "Color Me Impressed" (from 'The Best Of The Replacements: Don't You Know Who I Think I Was' album - Rhino)
27.37 Minutemen - "I Felt like A Gringo" (from 'Buzz Or Howl Under The Influence' album - SST Records)
30.09 4 Or 5 Magicians - "Nice Little Earner" (from forthcming 'Empty Derivative Pop Songs' album - Smalltown America)
34.24 Dinosaur Jr - "The Lung" (from 'You're Living All Over Me' album - Sweet Nothing Records)

If you have any suggestions for future takeovers or want to get a track played on a regular show, get in touch - email