Public Service Blogcast Episode 43

The first of the final 10 sort-of weekly shows before the caterpillar-like blogcast mutates into a beautiful audio butterfly – so get your submissions into the electromail in-tray quick - including forthcoming headliners of the This Ain't No Picnic August Bank Holiday all-dayer in Derry (St Columbs Hall to be exact) Future Of The Left. Follow this blog for the latest on the full line-up and tickets.

Public Service Blogcast Episode 43
33 minutes 12 seconds
Recorded 02/08/09
00.01 Future Of The Left - "Stand By Your Manatee" (from 'Travels With Myself And Another' album - Too Pure)
02.37 Apple iiis - "Lost Between The Lines"
06.07 Arcs - "Surprises In Different Sizes" (from 'Surprises' EP - self-released)
10.00 Super Extra Bonus Party - "Comets" (featuring Heathers) (from 'Night Horses' album)
13.08 White Circle Crime Club - "The Islanders" (from 'Pictures Of Stares' album - Crime Club Recordings)
17.16 The Yell - "Party Lounge" (from 'Down With The Yell' album - Marquis Cha Cha)
20.48 Zoos Of Berlin - "Below The Old House" (from 'Zoos Of Berlin' EP - self-released)
24.17 Sports - "Vegetables" (from 'I'm Hungry' mix album - self-released)

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