Public Service Blogcast Episode 4

A week later and still exhausted from This Ain't No Picnic, Ash resumes command of the good ship Blogcast.

Public Service Blogcast Episode 4
39 minutes 44 seconds
Recorded 04/10/08
00.29 Baddies - "Battleships" (from forthcoming single released 27th Oct - self released)
04.46 The Young Playthings - "Y Don't You Like Me" (from 'This Ain't No Picnic 2008 Compilation' - Smalltown America)
08.26 Disco Drive - "Things To Do Today" (from 'Things To Do Today' album - Unhip Records)
12.16 Great Eskimo Hoax - "I Was An Englishman" (from 'Of Many Victories' album)
15.20 The Joy Formidable - "Austere" (from current single - self released)
18.31 Innercity Pirates - "Eat The Paint" (from 'Cockney Sparra' single - Superdark)
21.11 Let's Go Sailing - "Sideways" (from 'The Chaos In Order' album - Gr2 Classics)
25.44 Sharks - "Museum" (previously unreleased)
28.03 Sucioperro - "You Can't Lose (What You Don't Have)" (from 'Pain Agency' album - self released)
31.51 Mia Vigar - "Lost Cause" (from 'Lost' Cause EP - self released)
35.36 Combinations - "Let's Build Our Kingdom" (previously unreleased)

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In the coming weeks we'll be hearing from some of the STA bands themselves with thier own talking* and track selections.

*Inside voices please.