Public Service Blogcast Episode 35

This episode: a unique takeover from the eloquent JP Reid AKA The Dragon  who takes us on an unpredictable journey through his musical influences.

The Dragon is part of the enigmatic supergroup Marmaduke Duke who's middle chapter of a music trilogy, 'Duke Pandemonium', is out on May 11th while the week before sees the release of the excellent 'Pain Agency' from Sucioperro in which JP Reid appears as JP Reid. Listen now before Billy Joel's people find out and shut the blogcast down!

Public Service Blogcast Episode 35
44 minutes 49 seconds
Recorded 10/04/09
00.46 Billy Joel - "Miami 2017 (Seen The Lights Go Out On Broadway)" (from 'Songs In The Attic' album - Sony Budget)
06.44 Shawn Colvin - "Looking For (The Heart Of Saturday Night)" (from 'Cover Girl' album - Sony Budget)
11.49 King Crimson - "Frame By Frame" (from 'The Collectable King Crimson, Vol. 3: Live in London, Pts. 1-2' 1996)
14.12 Oceansize - "One Out Of None" (from 'Music For Nurses' EP - Beggars Banquet)
18.22 Reuben - "Blood Bunny Larkhall" (from 'In Nothing We Trust' album - Hideous)
21.30 Sucioperro - "Conception Territory" (from forthcoming 'Pain Agency' album released 4th May 2009 - Maybe Records)
26.26 Jetplane Landing - "Brave Gravity" (from 'Once Like A Spark' album - Smalltown America)
29.33 Marmaduke Duke - "Skin The Mofo" (from forthcoming 'Duke Pandemonium' album released 11th May 2009 - 14th Floor Records)
31.52 Missy Elliott - "Get Ur Freak On" (from 'Miss-E...So Addictive' album - Elektra)
36.07 Frank Zappa - "Keep It Greasey" (from 'Joe's Garage: Acts I,II and III' album - Rykodisc)
41.28 Jackson Browne - "Somebody's Baby" (from 'The Very Best Of Jackson Browne' album - Elektra)

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