Public Service Blogcast Episode 30

This week: the clock is ticking for you to grab the exclusive And So I Watch You From Afar bonus disc of live recordings and rarities - available when you purchase their album from the STA store ahead of release date. You now only have how ever long is left between you reading this and April 13th! Also - Dananan: best band in the UK. Discuss.

Public Service Blogcast Episode 30
33 minutes 24 seconds
Recorded 30/03/09
00.29 Dananananaykroyd - "Chrome Rainbow" (from 'Hey Everyone' album - Best Before)
03.49 The Moi Non Plus - "Ha Ha Ha" (from self-titled album - SUBBACULTCHA)
06.38 Disappears - "Old Friend" (from 'Old Friend' single - self-released)
08.43 Load.Click.Shoot! - "Young Pretenders" (from 'Young Pretenders' single - Vacuous Pop)
12.13 We The Faceless - "Firefly"
15.27 Skeletons - "Pack the Suitcase"
19.44 The Stetz - "Alibi"
22.22 How Dare You - "Cases And Carriers" (from 'Comfort Road' album - Fail Safe)
25.43 Harrison Hope - "If We're All Stars" (from home produced 10 track EP)
29.58 Panama Kings - "Golden Recruit" (from forthcoming 'Golden Recruit' single - Broken Sound Records)

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