Public Service Blogcast Episode 26

Do you like Pixies? Talking Heads? Daft Punk? Phil Collins? If you replied 'yes!' 4 times then this show is STA's gift to you. No no, please - it's our pleasure.

Public Service Blogcast Episode 26
33 minutes 55 seconds
Recorded 14/03/09
00.29 The Woo!worths - "Konichiwa" (previously unreleased)
04.38 Fighterplanes - "FP2" (previously unreleased)
10.57 The Blindies - "Funny Guy" (from 'Sub Rosa' EP - self-released)
14.21 Tudor Tron - "Geometry" (previously unreleased)
17.05 Creature With The Atom Brain - "Black Out, New Hit" (from 'I Am The Golden Gate Bridge' album - Jesusfactory)
19.36 Dead Wolf Club - "Radar" (from 'Whammy Happy' - SVC Records)
22.07 Empires - "Valmont" (from 'Howl' free download album - self-released)
25.54 Goes Cube - "Grinding The Knife Blade" (from 'Another Day Has Passed' album - The End Records)
29.10 We Rock Like Girls Don't - "Hip To You" (from 'How Did It Get To This?' album - Distort Records)
32.05 Cardiotonica - "Viaduct" (from self-titled self-released album)

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