Public Service Blogcast Episode 25

Presenting the latest free downloads by Johnny Foreigner and Stricken City plus Fighting With Wire go to SXSW while the rest of the STA roster get up close and personal with the the live sense of course.

Public Service Blogcast Episode 25
28 minutes 40 seconds
Recorded 14/03/09
00.29 Johnny Foreigner - "Ohai, Sentinels" (free download)
02.29 My First Tooth - "Margaret Yen" (previously unreleased)
05.40 Cactus's - "Tiny Teeth" (from 'Tropical Terror' EP - free download)
08.55 Clip Stamp Fold - "Tourist" (previously unreleased)
12.30 Stricken City - "Don't Spit At Her Face" (demo) (free download)
16.39 Sunny Day Sets Fire - "Stranger" (from 'Summer Palace' album - Wonderboat)
21.32 Cryptacize - "We'll Never Dream Again" (from 'Dig That Treasure' album - Asthmatic Kitty Records)
24.46 Holmes - "David Letterman" (from 'Wolves' album - Black Star Foundation)

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