Public Service Blogcast Episode 24

Michael Roe of Irish organisation The Richter Collective was very kind to mike-up for a fantastic blogcast takeover showcasing some of the fine artists on their roster.

The Richter Collective has its roots steeped in Irish DIY music and they don’t intend to change. It was set up by friends, Michael Roe and Barry Lennon. Barry has been releasing music and running gigs in Ireland for over seven years, starting with the release of a 7” for Irish punk band, Stress, funded by a part time job in a shop, and was a member of the Porco Dio Collective from April 2006 until October 2007 who hosted a range of touring and Irish bands including An Albatross, The Can Kickers, Pine Hill Haints and more. During this period Barry met Michael (who was playing with Terrordactyl at the time). Barry is currently is working with Dublin Community Television and is the booking agent for The Lower Deck in Portobello.

Michael has been playing in various Irish bands for over nine years and set up Popular Records, a non profit label which released bands from Ireland, the UK and Mainland Europe, spreading its profile on a word-of-mouth basis and organizing tours for bands on a non profit basis (including Marvins Revolt, Papier Tigre and Blakfish who can all be heard on this episode).

Public Service Blogcast Episode 24
42 minutes 13 seconds
Recorded 15/02/09
02.07 Marvins Revolt - "Deliberate Deeds" (from 'Killec' album - The Richter Collective)
05.50 Worrier - "You've Let Down Your Hair"
11.30 Blakfish - "Jeremy Kyle Is A Marked Man" (from 'See You In Another City' mini-album - The Richter Collective)
15.43 Ebu Gogo - "Neo Uranium Mattress" (from 'Worlds' album - Intergers Only)
19.22 Gavin Castleton - "Coffeelocks" (from 'Home' album - Five One Inc. Records)
24.51 Enemies - "Nag Champa" (from 'Alpha Waves' EP - The Richter Collective)
32.16 Papier Tigre - "Restless Empire" (from 'The Beginning And End Of Now' album - Collectif Effervescence)
38.57 Channels - "The Licensee" (from 'Waiting For The Next End Of The World' album - Dischord)

If you have any suggesstions for future blogcast takeovers or want to get a track played on a regular show, get in touch - email