Public Service Blogcast Episode 23


The best blogcast yet (I've said it before and I'll say it again); seriously, is there a radio station out there playing this many solid tunes in the space of under half an hour? Except when STA themselves are lording over the airwaves of course. All I need now is a cheesy jingle. 
Public Service Blogcast Episode 23 
28 minutes 6 seconds
Recorded 22/02/09 
00.29 Everything Everything - "Photoshop Handsome" (from forthcoming 'Photoshop Handsome' single - Another Music = Another Kitchen Records
03.45 Death Cigarettes - "Total Fear" (previously unreleased) 
07.28 The Patio Set - "Highgate Owl Nightmare" (previously unreleased) 
12.02 Elephant Vs Leopard - "You Are Not (But I Might Be)" (from "Safariland" album - Genin Records
13.57 Boats!! - Dream Of A Dentist (from Intercontinental Champion album - self-released) 
16.04 Shock Defeat! - Brute Economics (from forthcoming Olympic Village EP - self-released) 
18.52 Asobi Seksu - Glacially (from Hush album - One Little Indian
23.18 The Hysterical Injury - Etc (from self-titled EP - self-released) 
If you have any feedback or want to get a track played, get in touch - email