Public Service Blogcast Episode 18


This week's chosen nine featuring fresh Brakes (no silly Eamon Holmes references this time, promise) and much previously unreleased goodness
Public Service Blogcast Episode 18
33 minutes 49 seconds 
Recorded 23/01/09 
00.29 Brakes - "Crystal Tunings" (from 'Touchdown' album - FatCat)
04.42 Ten Kens - "Spanish Fly" (from self-titled album - FatCat
07.01 Tantrums - "Baracudas" (previously unreleased)
09.49 Uh Ohs - "I Can't Wait" (from 'Cheat Cheater' single - NROne Records
14.08 Bestial Mouths - "Skin Slipping Off" (previously unreleased) 
17.14 Boat To Row - "The Young And Quirky" (previously unreleased) 
21.28 My Amiga - "Thank Heavens For Little Victories" (previously unreleased) 
25.57 The Winter Olympics - "Feeling European" (previously unreleased)
29.51 Spaceships Are Cool - "Let Things Go" (from self-titled self-released EP)
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