Public Service Blogcast Episode 1


PSB gets an online little brother in the form of the PUBLIC SERVICE BLOGCAST. Each week there'll be a new episode compiling the best album tracks, demo submissions and anything else floating STA boats plus all the latest activity from the ever-expanding Smalltown roster. It's like a fresh PSB compilation every week but with some talky bits trying to sell you stuff.

Public Service Blogcast Episode 1 
30 minutes 5 seconds 
Recorded 02/09/08 
00.29 Ice, Sea, Dead People - "I'm Cat" (previously unreleased)
02.52 Alan MX - "The Captain America Video" (forthcoming single released Nov 24th - Smalltown America
06.25 Plastic Constellations - "Stay That Way" (album track from 'We Appreciate You' - French Kiss)
10.25 Calories - "Adventuring" (forthcoming single released Feb 9th - Smalltown America)
13.26 The Chiara Ls - "Eyelashes" (from 'Ghost Town' EP) 
16.19 Telegraphs - "Forever Is A Long Time, Never Is A Strong Word" (from forthcoming 'Forever Never' album)
20.29 Hooray For Humans - "Signature" (from forthcoming 'Safekeeping' album released Oct 13th - Smalltown America
23.32 Lovvers -" Human Hair" (from forthcoming 'Think' album - Wichita Recordings)
26.40 Koufax - "What I'm Saying" (from forthcoming 'Strugglers' album - Doghouse Records
If you have any feedback, want to get a track played or can help me use Audacity properly please get in touch - email 
Episode 2 will be online w/c Sep 8th with more quality sounds plus news about STA's involvement with the City Of Song festival in Derry.