The Fly Reviews 'Zero For Conduct' - 3/5

Prosiming punk-rock racket from Anglo/Irish bunch

There are those in the world who are crazy about new music – constantly devouring the latest bands, they desperately search to quench their thirst for original input. Equally, however, there are those who adore to sing along, and thus must listen to bands they already know. Alongside all these, there live the rest; those that relish artists no-one has heard of, but only if they write immediate tunes and can be cross-referenced with ease. Jetplane Landing are one of those rare bands who could (if they get enough radio play to include the second contingent) satisfy all concerned.

For although it’s usual that acts so thick with influences will sound too derivative, this trio of English and Irish descent manage to avoid that nasty pitfall. In part, this is thanks to the fact that the boys mangle their punk-rock with lo-fi production that is so good it’s not really lo-fi; but mainly it’s because their tastes are eclectic enough to sound all fresh when put together but not disparate enough to end up all uneven. Take opener Tiny Bombs – it manages to remind you of Foo Fighters and Weezer without losing a freshness that excites the comfortable place the vague familiarity of sound gives life to. It’s a feeling enhanced by the trio of At The Drive-In-esque numbers, the Elliott Smith softness, and a memory of Sonic Youth covering The Carpenters.

Okay, so there’s a downside – there aren’t enough Ash-like choruses, but generally this is a debut that suggests Jetplane Landing understand what makes bands like The Flaming Lips great. They’re not quite great themselves, but they are very good.


- Johnny K, The Fly