(Presque) Fameux! Review Mnemotechnic 'Awards'

"..The bass is massive and the guitars are sharp."

[translation] Mnemotechnic is a highly infectious group in the first place. Their name makes one think of an old-fashioned free-jazz  group or the sign of a household electrical shop (LIDL), their bag is more pretentious than a candidate for reality TV and to top it all, they come from Brest. 

As for their sound... straightaway you think you are going to be hit by a rehash of The Rapture. Impossible not to compare the timbre of the singer, but his outbursts exalted those of baritone hooting in the U.S. training.  An ounce of suspense is (happily) maintained by a heavier sound than that fashioned by the funky New York fire tongs. The rhythm section nicely keeps to the a dance format, the bass is massive and the guitars are sharp.

Dissolving into the post-punk, depressive-festive melting-pot is a good thing, Mnemotechnic could have a tendency to merge into the glam-rock genre for young people sadly.

O.K... that which saved 'Awards', which we score highly, is the melodic talent in nearly all its tracks. And then, confusingly, nothing happens. You either get it or you don't (I do). 'Awards' captivates the ear and rarely lets it go.

This is demonstrated in certain titles ("Shallow Goals"),  but much more subtly in others when a simple change gracefully changes direction ("Blended Colours"). Even the familiar feel of a track compells to you dance ("Welcome"). And if the disc is obviously too long (what happened to EP's?), their style transcends the disco mix with mechanical rhythms and raging guitars.

In conclusion, if Mnemotechnic did not invent the wheel, they are well equipped to go far.

They are nothing new for the genre but they put similar acts to shame. For a first album, this is remarkable (especially for Brittany).

By Par Ndaref

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