Corporate Anthems Review 'Who Invented Love'

'Playful and/or bruised Weezer/Superchunk power pop'

Unlike yesterday an actual, definite advance album track today from The Young Playthings, a London/Oxford trio who are on Smalltown America,which careful readers will know is a recommendation in itself.

They've toured with The Pipettes (indeed, as we've blogged before, Rose sang on one of their previous B-sides) and describe themselves as "The Replacements covering Jimmy Mack". There's truth in that, essentially good
time playful and/or bruised Weezer/Superchunk power pop taking in 50s influences seemingly chiefly sourced from David Lynch soundtracks.

All good stuff for the happy drinker in your life, as will be proved when 'Who Invented Love?' is released on 14th May.

- Corporate Anthems