OurZone.com - Easy Meat - Album Review

Combining all the best parts of Shellac, Therapy?, Queens Of The Stone Age and The Dead Kennedy’s, this album is a master class in punk’n’roll which should leave you with two burst ear drums and a fried frontal cortex.

The riffs on ‘Full Tilt’ and ‘Sucking Diesel’ alone are enough to bore a small hole through a cliff face, not to mention the intelligent and musically inventive ‘Have A Word With Yourself’ which recalls the best of early System Of A Down. Title track ‘Easy Meat’ is a full throttle riff fest that drops jaws on impact, surely cementing LaFaro’s place as Northern Ireland’s best up and comers.

A frighteningly heavy and visceral unrelenting rock and roll thrill ride. 9/10

    * Top Tracks

    * Easy Meat

    * Have A Word With Yourself


Words: Jamie Otsa