Our Krypton Son Releases New Single

"Can't Make You Come Back" is the first single to be taken from Our Krypton Son's forthcoming mini album 'A Graveyard Of Stars'.

An emotive paean to lost love, 'Can't Make You Come Back' sees Derry native Chris McConaghy return to our radio dials in gloriously sombre mood. 

The song's beautiful lyric offers the listener solace that with the passing of time, all things - even those that hurt deeply, will eventually pass. "Seems we're always on the run / Spinning circles round this pagan sun". 
Tinkling glockenspiel and delicate background vocals, frame this wonderful performance of a track that has become a fan favourite in Our Krypton Son sets. 
Shot on location in Co. Antrim, the clip (directed by Tristan Crowe) features Chris making his way through Whitepark Bay's winter beach and forest; intercut with our singer penning a last message for his lover, placing it in a bottle and casting it into the Atlantic. The closing shots are of a man, alone once again by a campfire enjoying a banana. 
Bananas are clearly the best cure for a broken heart if you live in Our Krypton Son's world.