Oor Magazine Review LaFaro at Eurosonic 2012

You don't need to speak Dutch to guess what 'Jonny Black zit op een stoel' means...

Thanks to Wendy Boezer for translating this. The original Dutch is at 'Full Press Article' below.

Jonny Black sits on a chair. The singer of the Northern Irish LaFaro has a broken ankle. This doesn't benefit the performance of his band LaFaro. It's not like the 4 are playing bad, absolutely not, but Black is undeniably the main man of the band, the man with the banter, the man who transfers the energy the band puts in the music to the audience. And all that is not happening tonight. So the band has to let the music speak for itself. Which does go quite well. Even though people start to leave Vindicat bit by bit. Especially the songs from the new Easy Meat - with the title song as the highlight - are solid as a rock. Take The Jesus Lizard, a bit of Therapy? and a bit of Helmet and you get a good idea of LaFaro. We'd love to give them a second chance when they are back at full strength.

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