Public Service Broadcast #7 - Rock Sound

One fine compilation

It's disheartening to consider just how much great music and how many sadly ignored bands are out there. With this, the seventh instalment in the 'Public Service...' series, the gallant folk at Smalltown America have once again done a grand job - stuffing 25 bands on to one fine compilation. Unless you're exclusively a metalhead or just into electronic stuff, there should definitely be more than enough for you here - from the grimy, funky vibes of Corrigan, to the skewed punk/organised chaos of An Emergency, to the never-common-denominator driving indie-punk of Housewife, to the sweet, serene sensibilities of Oppenheimer, to the, to the...(*gasps for air*). Balancing more established acts with unsigned upstarts, it's a good way to find new bands without making any effort, it's only a fiver, and all the proceeds going into putting the next in the series out.

- Tim Newbound, Rock Sound