Both Bars On Review Against Karate

Oh Yes, his is a beauty.

The first time I heard this Against Karate I was truly taken back to the time of the late and legendary John Peel. Somewhere between a set of lank fringes moaning about their bedroom wallpaper, DJ Slipmatt and his chipmunks, and something untraceable from Malawi, Peel would throw in some noisenik angst that would prick the ears and make you think "fuck, what was that!" Let Our Enemies Beware are in the final surprised expletive category. Excellent. On the further listens you begin to calculate the sum of their influences, but realise with delight they far and ingeniously exceed them. My best approximation is that Let Our Enemies Beware are post-rock-metal-progressive-punk-hardcore, but Iâ??m not sure. They can be Mogwai just as easily as they can be Fucked Up. They can do Godspeed with as little effort as they can do Faith No More. They lurch, they soothe and they shred. Lovely. All this comes together in Adam Elwin's vocal. At times he barks and growls like Pink Eyes ("Pow! Right in the Kisser!"). At other moments he sounds likes Mike Patton at his more screeching and intense ("Fools! Philistines! Heretics and Whores!"). On occasion he can sound almost tender, but then jerks into pure punk sneer and youthful torment ("Noise equals Death"). Marvellous.

- angrybonbon, Both Bars On