November 2012 Newsletter

OKS Pre-Order, Jetplane Free Download & Live Album, Axis Of Tour News & Roster Round Up!

[1] Our Krypton Son Pre-Order Details

    •    Debut Album Available for pre-order now on our eStore
    •    Released on 16th November on CD & Digital Download
    •    Launch gig on Friday 16th November in Sandinos, Derry  
    •    Admission :£8
    •    FREE admission if you bring your copy of the album!
    •    Further tour dates HERE

[1] Jetplane Free Download & Live Album

    •    Arcimony live from 2004 FREE Download
    •    New Live tracks available HERE
    •    The guys are hard at work recording album No. 4

"Anyone who saw Jetplane play live in a club might recall, on a good night, what an absolutely relentlessly vicious head-ripping bunch of show ponies we would turn into. This show plucked randomly, probably at the start of another lengthy tour of endurance, is a snapshot of the band attempting to give everyoneone more party, in an endless stream of one more parties. I don’t remember too much of the night itself so hopefully I’m going to enjoy this as much as you. And just think, we’re going to go out and try and do it again next year! Yikes!"
Mr Burchell (Château Florian, Oct ‘12)

[2] Axis Of Tour News & Album Teaser Video

  • Bronx tour dates HERE
  • New Teaser Video HERE
  • Tour Blog form their latest UK run : " This was our most enjoyable UK tour to date.  We’ve got two weeks before we try to topple it from the leader table when we tour withThe Bronx. As always we want to give our thanks to everyone out there for coming to the shows and helping us out. Particularly Sam Chadwick, stoking beyond the call of duty.
  • Check out the new Axis Of website where you can get a sneak preview of "Stan Wilson's Rough Seas" from their debut album 'Finding St Kilda'.

[3] Roster Round Up

  • More Than Conquerors - with their album currently being mixed by  Bruce Ritoul and another UK tour under their belts MTC steam into Belfast Music Week playing at The Limelight on 8th November. Admission is FREE
  • LaFaro - Set to rip Europe and the UK a new one on theirEuropean Tour with Therapy? and Hawkeyes in November. LaFaro are also playing  at Belfast Music Week on 8th November  with More Than Conquerors at The Limelight
  • Feldberg - Enjoying new motherhood and currently working on their new album! Congrats Rosa and Family!
  • Sullivan & Gold - Currently finishing their debut album in the STA studio.

[4] Keep In Touch! 

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