No Brainer Interviews Burning Alms

"Adding a punkier, darker edge with a more expansive and progressive feel."

The name 'Burning Alms' is one that had been on my radar for a while, so I was pleased to see that the band were playing excellent new festival 'Birmingham and Beyond' I was attending in their native city of Brum. I was even more pleased to find out, as the band strolled onto stage, that it's core members John (guitar/ vox) and Tom (Drums) were apart of West Midland indie rock mavericks Disophia and Calories. Calories in particular were band I was very fond of and followed about in my uni years. So getting to watch to their new guise as Burning Alms was rather exciting! Their set was super noisy and super rad, retaining the fuzzy, lo-fi notions of Calories but adding a punkier, darker edge with a more expansive and progressive feel. With their debut album 'In Sequence' due out next month, we were lucky enough to ping a few questions at Drummer Tom about the band's goings on, the forthcoming album release and the salad that is the Birmingham music scene.

For those unaware of Burning Alms, how would describe your sound in a sentence?

Dark melodic punk with some instrumental and acoustic stuff.

Can you shed any light on your previous band Calories, are you guys still together?

Calories at this point aren't up to much although we do talk occasionally about one day making a fourth album. The time has to be right though as Pete Dixon has a new band that are very good and we have the Alms so we wouldn't want anything to overlap.

Your just about to release your debut album 'In Sequence', what can you tell us about it?

It was recorded over a span of about a year. It was written by John and I as a 2 piece then the very talented producer Dom James played some bass on it too! It's a record we always had the idea of making. I guess it's experimental yet not too pretentious if that's possible!

The album is coming out on a rather fetching looking vinyl, do you think that in this digital age, psychical releases are still important?

Absolutely! Things have changed a lot since I was young (I'm not that old). I remember buying Wowee Zowee by Pavement on tape, that record change my life but yeah nothing beats having a brand new vinyl of a band you love in your hands and sitting studying the lyrics. Our album comes with all the lyrics. Blatant plug.

What song on the LP best sums up the sound of Burning Alms and why?

That's a real tough one as the album is all quite different from song to song. "Mid storm - still ending" has a perfect mix of instrumentation and catchy melodies and also a semi drum solo .... Ahem.

You guys hail from Birmingham and have been submersed in it's music scene for many years in your previous bands, would you say its still in a healthy state?

Yes I would say it's healthy as it's ever been! I mean there is some shit but some brilliance too a lot like other cities. Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam and Them Wolves are top dogs I would say. Health wise I would say possibly it's like a salad that's on the verge of going off but still ripe enough to eat.

What are you guys listening to at the moment, any new bands/ albums/ labels that you'd recommend?

The last album I bought was Metz! It's ace! Also the last Sun Kill Moon album was huge and as always most bands on Thrill Jockey are pretty tasty. John has been listening to a lot of old Cat Power albums I believe.

Whats next for Burning Alms?

Playing lots of gigs to sell this record and aiming to get out to Europe again! Also we are recording brand new stuff already which I am super excited about.

'In Sequence' will be released on CD, Vinyl and to Download through Smalltown America on August 4th. The record is currently up for pre-order.

The band will be playing a bunch of shows in support of the album over the next few months, please check out their Facebook page for more details.

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