New Signing: Die! Die! Die!

"These guys do post punk perfectly (although surely they warrant a whole new genre name created just for them)."

We are delighted to announce the signing of New Zealand rock trio Die! Die! Die!.

“Harmony is a clever, sinuous beast of an album that proves Die! Die! Die! are more potent than ever”

Hailing from New Zealand’s iconic music city, Dunedin, founding Die! Die! Die! members Andrew Wilson and Michael Prain cut their teeth in the live music scene playing in noise bands and going on to form the band in 2003. Die! Die! Die! have always given their all at every show, supporting bands such as Wolf Mother and Franz Ferdiand - the result being a band that brings persistent ferocity and energy to live performances.

Die! Die! Die! release ‘Harmony’ on April 1st 2013, their fourth studio album recorded at Blackbox Studios, France. This album proves the band continue their evolution to perfect their sound. ‘Harmony’ brings together the raw energy and emotion of their live shows, encapsulating savant pop elements with their DIY punk philosophy. Produced by Chris Townend (Portishead, D12, Violent Femmes), ‘Harmony’ has been well received all over the place. ‘Harmony’ described by Rolling Stone Australia as “…their finest work yet”.

'Harmony' will be released in limited edition ice-white vinyl and dye-cut sleeve on April 1st.